10 Things To Smile About

After finishing S-Town [again] & my daily world news fix, I began to wonder. Its probably not that things are worse than at any point in history, but with so much information, and such widespread communication, it seems those of us that are trying to stay relevant & educated about the world may be over-dosing on negativity.

If too much of any thing is a bad thing, then how much of a bad thing is a emotional death thing?

The world is a nasty place & people are mean. So I thought I’d make myself a list of things that make me happy, in no particular order.

  1. Dogs (obviously), this also includes baby dogs, classified as puppers, sea dogs, known as ‘seals’, and any sub-species. Examples: The panda dog, and occasionally the spiky, rude, dog, also referred to as ‘cat’.
  2. Remembering the little things I like about myself. I have an AMAZING toe nail to toe ratio & I like the way my attached ear lobes photograph. How can one person be so blessed?!
  3. Snoopy’s Flash Beagle dance
  4. Forced head pats from my mother, because yes woman, I am more important than your show/ the food on the stove/ what ever you’re doing. You made me, now you have to scratch me behind the ear.
  5. Patrick from Spongebob
  6. Bad graphics & voice overs on old Kung Fu movies … I’m looking at you Druken Master [1978]
  7. Any sitcom from the 90’s. Top contenders: The Fresh Prince & The Simpsons
  8. Tweets from Scottish people – no really, go google it & attempt to read.
  9. Food. Any food, all food, other people’s food. In fact especially other people’s food!
  10. The love from my God in heaven.  For my atheistic loves: Chocolate.



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