Answers To Shower Thoughts Pt.1

I remembered these from either: or


Humans are 75% water. Basically cucumbers with anxiety. If I don’t get anxiety, does that mean I’m delicious with lime and salt?!

Your future self is watching you right now through memories. Not if I drink this whole bottle of vodka!

The word “swims” is the same upside down. Listen, I’m not into witchcraft so…

Being a worm must be awesome. It’s like “man, that dirt was great, I wish there was more.” And there always is. New Life Goal: be as happy as a worm.

Volleyball is just a really intense game of Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Ground. My crutches and knee brace can confirm intensity level.

Birth Certificates are just receipts for human beings. I don’t want to hear this. My mother only ever shops discount!

Asking for someone’s name is weird… Basically: “What noise should I make to get your attention?” Muahaha I’d like to see you try and pronounce my real name! Its foreign & weird!







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