The 2 Cake Theory & Why You Should Believe In Yourself

For most of my life I have been unrefined.

I like to write and draw, but have never received any formal training or guidance in either case. Like most people.

And I found that I had a bit of a problem sharing or continuing to create after I saw some of the things other people were doing online.  With the internet, I was able to see these insanely talented artists, and unintentionally, started using their amazing works of art as reasons not to create anything myself.

I thought, wow – I can never create anything like that so I shouldn’t even try. This is something I would never think about any one else, and completely negates the logic that everyone is a beginner when a start, but I didn’t notice how much I’d accepted that train of thought until I saw this post on tumblr:

imageimageimageimage2 cake theory - tumblr

[click for original post] 

And – as an avid cake lover – I realized how accurate the analogy was. If I’m at a party, I don’t compare cakes, and I’m constantly upvoting, hearting, reposting, saving, and liking content for my many fandoms, that isn’t refined or polished, because I genuinely love it.

So to summarize:  shut up, you’re amazing at what you do – don’t listen to any voice in your head that says something different, and of course we’ll love it.




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