Short Story: The Warning

via Daily Prompt: Warning A horror short story. Daily Prompt x Writing Prompt mix. Writing Prompt via Reddit: “You’ve brought a knife to a gun fight, a cat to a dog fight, and a pen to a sword fight and won all of them.” “Carlos, y-you’ve gotta back out. This is suicide!” “I can no back […]

Daily Prompt: The Lacking Of Experience

via Daily Prompt: Conversant A horror short story. Dean liked to talk. He was good at it. He had the social graces of an english gentleman and the broad shoulders that pulled wives away from husbands. He was a handsome man, not stunningly so, but devoid of any obvious faults. His medical degree made him […]

Daily Prompt: No Deal

via Daily Prompt: Compromise A horror short story.   Pt.1 I smiled down into my coffee, contemplating their argument, considering how quickly they’d defy me. I ran a hand across my face to hide my grin. “Do not go into that house.” I said firmly. “I’m sorry professor. But we’re going back, and you can […]

Daily Prompt: The Orphanage

via Daily Prompt: Viable A Short Horror Story “Its viable solution John” John froze. He looked up at David with a blank stare before setting down his drink and sliding it aside. “…I want to make sure you know what you’re suggesting. We shouldn’t even be talking about this.” John leaned forward and lowered his […]

Daily Prompt: The Grinding Noise

via Daily Prompt: Silent A horror short story.   I stepped into the frigid house, ignoring the pleading eyes of Mrs. Johanasson. Step one: investigate the grinding noise “What is that sound?” I asked. “What sound?” Mr. Johanasson asked, oddly indignant. “Its just the vents ma’m, its an old house that doesn’t take the winters […]

Daily Prompt: The Last One Pt.2

via Daily Prompt: Focused   Part One Wendy fell as the earth shifted beneath her feet. She’d been running between tremors, trying to reach the chapels at the far end of the compound. Reaching her brother had become the singular focus of her existence. More than the pain in her legs, the ache in her […]