How To: Night Shift Survival 

So, you’ve decided to cross over to the dark side? Welcome, regardless of whether you’re here willingly or not, you’ll need some help. Here are three basic concepts to overcoming the night shift. Source: me, a professional sleeper, approx 1.5 years on the 11pm to 7am. 1) Pick a sleep schedule and STICK TO IT. […]

10 Things To Smile About

After finishing S-Town [again] & my daily world news fix, I began to wonder. Its probably not that things are worse than at any point in history, but with so much information, and such widespread communication, it seems those of us that are trying to stay relevant & educated about the world may be over-dosing […]

A Letter To Someone’s Heartbreak

My best friend told me she is calling off her engagement. In an instant I became the sum of all my years. All of my life became experience for those few minutes where I wanted nothing more than to take her pain away. They adore each other and she couldn’t get into details because he doesn’t […]


I am a part of many fandoms, more that I would like to admit – and we recently got an update (in one of my series), or as we refer to it a tiny morsel of life that we will milk and live off of until the next episode/chapter is out. This new update caused […]

Conscience Round: The Hustle

Starting … slowly, intensely, passionately, but starting non the less. I think that dreams can happen at any speed, in any form and shape, but they all come with a fire, an intense, unquenchable fire that becomes an addiction. And as the dream materializes into reality I think the fire grows and consumes us until […]