Short Story: The Warning

via Daily Prompt: Warning A horror short story. Daily Prompt x Writing Prompt mix. Writing Prompt via Reddit: “You’ve brought a knife to a gun fight, a cat to a dog fight, and a pen to a sword fight and won all of them.” “Carlos, y-you’ve gotta back out. This is suicide!” “I can no back […]

Writing Prompt: Finally

Oddly enough, from Shower Thoughts on Tumblr:  Perhaps the greatest honor a magician can receive is to be accused as a witch and burned.   Finally, he had reached the pinnacle of success. It was a shame however that he would be burned for it, but that was a minor detailed to be ironed out […]

Daily Prompt: The Chicken Trial

via Daily Prompt: Opaque   “What the hell are we going to do?!” I asked my attorney. “Let me think,” He pressed the tip of his thumb against his teeth, starring down at the scattered papers on his desk. After a few moments, without looking at me, he said, “I think you should plead guilty”. “But […]

Writing Prompt: The Falling Man 

Shout out to a certain Nicole in the northern hemisphere who sent me this writing prompt from reddit & for all of her encouragement ❤ “A watched pot never boils”, as the old saying goes. Throughout all of history there has always been at least one set of eyes on the ocean. Today, for a […]

Writing Prompt: Wizard of Not Oz 

A writing prompt I saw on either Tumblr or Twitter some time ago:  Turn a classic kids story into a horror without adding / removing characters or changing components of that universe.   “Thank you, thank you! Oh how can I thank you?” Asked the Tin Man “You don’t need to thank us! I’m Dorothy, […]

Writing Prompt: Serial Killer vs. Serial Killer 

As a result of /r/writingprompts on reddit: a story of a serial killer picking up a hitch hiking serial killer.  Enjoy. “Need a lift somewhere?” Karla asked through the open passenger side window. “I’d appreciate a ride into the nearest town – if you’re headed out that way” Andrew scratched the stubble on his chisled […]