Daily Prompt / Story: The Black Rustling

via Daily Prompt: Pamper Short Story. Emily’s Night: “Viktor,” Emily called to her husband, snuggling deeper into their bed. He turned to face her, the silent Russian smiling warmly down at her. “What are the dogs barking at? Come to bed.” Viktor turned back to the window, opening the drawer on the table beside the […]

Short Story: How To Be A Monster

[Short Story]   Alexander felt sick to his stomach. He was about to become a monster, against every prayer he’d ever begged of God, against every instinct in his body, the voice of reason compelled him into a new hell. “Are you listening brother?” “Yes- yes! The new castle.” Alexander replied, wiping his palms against his […]

Writing Prompt: That Didn’t Work

Writing Prompts on Tumblr:  You just broke the first rule of being a mind reader, never read a mind readers mind while he’s reading yours.   “Name?” “Elias … Helsing.” The nurse stilled. “….have a seat, the doctor will be out shortly.” Her tone, now carefully void of any intonation, let him know she was […]

Writing Prompt: Finally

Oddly enough, from Shower Thoughts on Tumblr:  Perhaps the greatest honor a magician can receive is to be accused as a witch and burned.   Finally, he had reached the pinnacle of success. It was a shame however that he would be burned for it, but that was a minor detailed to be ironed out […]

How To: Night Shift Survival 

So, you’ve decided to cross over to the dark side? Welcome, regardless of whether you’re here willingly or not, you’ll need some help. Here are three basic concepts to overcoming the night shift. Source: me, a professional sleeper, approx 1.5 years on the 11pm to 7am. 1) Pick a sleep schedule and STICK TO IT. […]

Daily Prompt: The Chicken Trial

via Daily Prompt: Opaque   “What the hell are we going to do?!” I asked my attorney. “Let me think,” He pressed the tip of his thumb against his teeth, starring down at the scattered papers on his desk. After a few moments, without looking at me, he said, “I think you should plead guilty”. “But […]