Dear Object Permanence,

no one likes you, please go away. Person Reading This Post: *gasp* dem fighting words. Let me explain. Object permanence is developed between 4-7 months of age and is the reason babies like to play peek-a-boo.  It is essentially ‘out of sight, out of mind’. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Now as an […]

Twas The Night …

… of Christmas, and all through the house … I was hacking my lungs out. Merry Christmas everyone! No matter what this days means to you or your family remember … its just a day. Whether you’re celebrating or (like me) happen to have contracted a zombie virus and are on quarantine, don’t let the hubub […]

A Letter To Someone’s Heartbreak

My best friend told me she is calling off her engagement. In an instant I became the sum of all my years. All of my life became experience for those few minutes where I wanted nothing more than to take her pain away. They adore each other and she couldn’t get into details because he doesn’t […]

How To Author Yourself

It was surprisingly easy for me. I love aesthetics. So the trick for me, when I sit down to write, is to look like I’ve been writing for days. I’m often found in my most comfortable clothing, a few crumbs sprinkled on me for good luck, hair …. looking not like hair, and to be […]

Naps: The Devil’s Work

Not click-bait. My personal philosophy. This will not make sense to the majority of you. You won’t be able to understand the struggle because most people do not fall into a small coma when they sleep. No, this small blurb is for the deep sleepers. The ones that can sleep through noise and light and […]


I am a part of many fandoms, more that I would like to admit – and we recently got an update (in one of my series), or as we refer to it a tiny morsel of life that we will milk and live off of until the next episode/chapter is out. This new update caused […]

Conscience Round: The Hustle

Starting … slowly, intensely, passionately, but starting non the less. I think that dreams can happen at any speed, in any form and shape, but they all come with a fire, an intense, unquenchable fire that becomes an addiction. And as the dream materializes into reality I think the fire grows and consumes us until […]