Naps: The Devil’s Work

Not click-bait. My personal philosophy. This will not make sense to the majority of you. You won’t be able to understand the struggle because most people do not fall into a small coma when they sleep. No, this small blurb is for the deep sleepers. The ones that can sleep through noise and light and […]


I am a part of many fandoms, more that I would like to admit – and we recently got an update (in one of my series), or as we refer to it a tiny morsel of life that we will milk and live off of until the next episode/chapter is out. This new update caused […]

Conscience Round: The Hustle

Starting … slowly, intensely, passionately, but starting non the less. I think that dreams can happen at any speed, in any form and shape, but they all come with a fire, an intense, unquenchable fire that becomes an addiction. And as the dream materializes into reality I think the fire grows and consumes us until […]

Writers Blocking

Random internet person: “How’s the novel going R?” Me: “No hablo ingles” Random internet person: “What? But you were just-” Me: “Babies with grown up names freak me out.” Random internet person: “…”   Okay  I admit, sitting in front of my computer getting crumbs all over my desk doesn’t technically count as writing, but […]

1/2 A Person

I was up late last night. I hadn’t slept in a while and if it had been a little more rested I might not have noticed. I got a letter from a friend in another city. We message all the time but like the novelty of sending hand written letters (we think we’re cooler than […]

How To Adult

This is a a strange, foreign, concept to me. They teach you how to not pee yourself, how to not die, and then you’re pretty much on your own. But wait, it all gets worse. Just when you’re old enough to appreciate your youth BAM the next generation is crowding you, pushing you out. With […]

How To Keep Children …

… away from your stuff. It was a bright November day, the cold had tried to work itself deep into her bones, but silly weather – she had seen you coming, months in advance. Taking point from the noble polar bear, our protagonist had set out to build a layer of mighty fat to shield […]